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about our company

Zugalu Entertainment (Zugalu) has developed video games since its inception in 2014. They merge genres with commercial science and craft experiences that harken back to the golden days of gaming. The studio strives to make each game highly enjoyable, innovative, and as immersive as possible to create a robust entertainment experience.

They are not just known for gaming and have carved a niche in the world of digital marketing and advertising.  They embark on work-for-hire projects to increase their presence, bolster their financial stability, and grow the company to what it is today. Zugalu employs 10 full-time staff and reports and is situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Their first AA project is Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown (HLtC)

Thrive: HLtC will be the first major commercial game released by Zugalu Entertainment. The company has spent the last six years building the foundation to embark on this project, to ensure its success and take Zugalu Entertainment to the next level.

Zugalu values ideas and innovation and that is reflected in every game they create. Each project is a true reflection of the entire team and community of players. Video games offer escapism and that magic is needed now more than ever.

Life is hard enough. Let's all have fun along the way!