Game Jams | Zugalu Entertainment

sweet jam sesh bro!

Sometimes, we as game developers need to blow off steam. Sometimes we have way too many ideas that we want to try out. Sometimes we wanna learn or try something new. That’s why we occasionally spend a few days making a quick game and seeing what we come up with. And just like throwing spaghetti at a wall we wanna see what sticks! These games are rough around the edges, but we’d love for you to try them and tell us what you think in our contact section!

epic food fight

You’ve never been part of a food fight like this. These sneaky buggers are ALL OVER THE PLACE, and they’ve got plenty of pizza, burgers and donuts for you. Find the kids. Zoom in on them. Fill their tummies with junk food! 

political combat

In an ideal world, politicians represent their constituents in the best possible light. Respectful discourse is imperative for any democracy. But sometimes you just want to slap the shit out of the opposition.

zügalü alien invasion

Look at that cute alien. Isn’t that the cutest three eyed floating crab spider thing you’ve ever seen?? Play this game and you can shoot it in the face! 

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